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The quality of research at CIRCLE was evaluated twice by international peers in 2008. CIRCLE came out extremely well in both evaluations. The contexts of the evaluations were: (1) as a part of the RQ08 (Lund University’s Project for Research Quality Assurance, 2008) evaluation of all research units at Lund University and (2) as a recipient of a Linnaeus Research Grant from the Swedish Research Council. (As of 2008-12-03)

  1. The RQ08 evaluation of CIRCLE can be found here: RQ08 evaluation of CIRCLE. CIRCLE was graded as “excellent” in all relevant dimensions, which stands out as the best score in relation to comparable units (all Departments at the School of Economics and Management and the Faculty of Social Sciences at Lund University). CIRCLE has achieved this after a mere four years in existence. The evaluation of all research units at Lund university is available at: RQ08 full report
  2. The evaluation administered by the Swedish Research Council can be found here:VR evaluation. This evaluation concerned only the part of CIRCLE research that is being carried out within the framework of the Linnaeus research grant, and its relation to other research at CIRCLE. Twenty Linnaeus grants are awarded to research groups across all disciplines and universities/university colleges in Sweden every other year (starting in 2006). The Linnaeus grants awarded in 2006 are described at: Linnaeus grants 2006
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