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CIRCLE Members 

All members are employed at one of the three following faculties at Lund University:

  • the Faculty of Engineering (LTH)
  • the School of Economics and Management (EHL)
  • the Faculty of Social Sciences (S-fak)

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Janna AlvedalenLTH
Martin Andersson LTH
Cristina ChaminadeEHL
Charles EdquistLTH
Claudio FassioEHL
Lea FünfschillingLTH
Markus GrillitschS-fak
Teis HansenS-fak
Merle JacobEHL
Polina KnutssonEHL
John KällströmEHL
Mart LaatsitLTH
Åsa Lindholm DahlstrandLTH
Johan MiörnerS-fak
Magnus NilssonEHL
Linda PaxlingLTH
Rhiannon PughLTH
Torben SchubertLTH
Linda StihlS-fak
Gustav VallinLTH
Jing XiaoLTH

CIRCLE Affiliated Members

Universities form different parts of the world are represented among the affiliated members.

Lina AhlinEHL, Lund University
Anders AnellEHL, Lund University
Björn AsheimUniversitetet i Stavanger
Lars BengtssonLTH, Lund University
Christian BinzEawag: Swiss Federal Institute of Aquatic Science and Technology
Bo CarlssonCase Western, Ohio
Davide CastellaniHenley Business School - University of Reading
Javier CenamorEHL, Lund University
Lucinda DavidS-fak, Lund University
Olof EjermoEHL, Lund University
Per ErikssonLTH, Lund University
Ioana IgnaNational Institute for Public Policy Analysis, Rome, Italy
Suyash JollyS-fak, Lund University
Monica KeaneyS-fak, Lund University
Duncan KushnirS-fak, Lund University
Helen Lawton SmithBirkbeck, University of London
Karl-Johan LundquistS-fak, Lund University
Stine MadsenS-fak, Lund University
Kaveh MajlesiEHL, Lund University
Antonio MarañonEHL, Lund University
Barbara SchulteS-fak, Lund University
Wolfgang Sofka


Sam TavassoliRMIT University, Australia
Michaela TripplUniversity of Vienna
Lena TrojerBTH
Joakim WernbergEntreprenörskapsform
Yannu ZhengZhejiang out, China and EHL, Lund University
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