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Meet Jing Xiao, postdoctoral researcher at CIRCLE

Jings research interests are in the area of entrepreneurship, innovation and industrial dynamics in general. She obtained her Ph.D. degree in Economic History at Lund University in 2014. Her Ph.D. thesis investigated the evolution of new technology-based firms (NTBFs).

Hi Jing,

What is currently on your research agenda?

Currently I’m participating in a project on industrial network and regional diversification, which is led by Professor Ron Boschma at CIRCLE. I’m also continuing my research on new technology-based firms (NTBFs) and focus on exploring how NTBFs interact with other agents in the economy and contribute to economic growth.

What drives you to be a researcher?

I am interested in data analysis. This can be regarded the original driving factor for me to pursue more advanced knowledge in this field. 
I participated in the master program in Economic Growth, Innovation and Spatial Dynamics at Lund University, which gave me a great study experience. After that I feelt that academia could be a good career choice for me and it motivated me to pursue an Ph.D. education

What’s the best part of being a researcher?

As a researcher, I can keep learning and producing new knowledge all the time and I have a lot of flexibility in my work.

What was your latest research publication about?

One of my latest research publications is: “Acquisitions of start-ups by incumbent businesses: A market selection process of “high-quality” entrants?”, coauthored with Martin Andersson and published in Research Policy. In this paper, we analyzed the frequency and nature by which new firms are acquired by established businesses. We found that spin-offs with strong technological profiles, weak internal financial resources and which operates in hightech sectors are more likely to be acquired than other start-ups.


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Jing Xiao, Postdoctoral researcher at CIRCLE


"The best part with being a researcher is that I can keep learning and producing new knowledge all the time."