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Meet Olof Ejermo, Associate professor in the Economics of Innovation at CIRCLE

Olof Ejermos research interests are in the area of understanding the societal effects of innovation efforts. Olof is particular interested in different mechanisms and channels that diffuse those effects among other actors than the ones that originally invest in innovation, i.e. knowledge and innovation spillovers. 

When Olof isn’t doing research he cycle a lot, training for Vätternrundan (300 km) and spends time with family and friends.

Hello Olof,

What is currently on your research agenda?

I’m currently investigating the effects of the abolition of the professor’s privilege in Finland using inventor data. This change, also thoroughly discussed in Sweden but not implemented, changes the default ownership of inventions from the individual researcher to the universities.

Further, I’m working on a project to examine what happens to inventor teams when one of the inventors unexpectedly dies.

I’m also investigating whether individuals become more inventive resulting from a move on the labor market and the strategic effects of wage rewards for inventors on mobility. In another project I investigate whether academic researchers in Sweden produce more patents if their departments get more R&D resources and compare those findings with US results.

Last but not least, I’m writing a report on Swedish incubators.

Why did you become a researcher?

I became an economist because I liked its mix and ambition of linking social and natural sciences and the influences that come from math, statistics, history and social sciences.

What’s the best part of being a researcher?

The best part of being a researcher is the independence and freedom to do what you like. I also like to think of research as a mutual exchange of knowledge between researchers. You always learn something new by working with different people.

In what way is your research important for society?

I hope to contribute to an understanding of why society should invest in knowledge and how to direct investments to contribute to knowledge and innovation.

Where do you see your research five years from now?

In five years I think there will be a lot of more research output on how academia functions in terms of their careers, entrepreneurship, women in academia and interaction patterns in these components. I hope to have concluded a research project for which I have sought funding, looking at the effects on entrepreneurship in Swedish regions stemming from the great emigration to America with economic historians. 

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Olof Ejermo, associate professor at CIRCLE

"I like to think of research as a mutual exchange of knowledge between researchers. You always learn something new by working with different people."