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CIRCLE annual report 2020

Letter from the director

When taking over the responsibility for CIRCLE in 2020, I was looking forward to inspiring exchanges at CIRCLE and further building a great organisation. Obviously, Covid-19 changed the conditions for our work fundamentally. Yet, our ambitions remained unchanged. CIRCLE aims to:

  • develop as an internationally leading and renowned research centre in innovation studies with the capabilities to attract successful researchers and PhD Candidates,
  • provide excellent opportunities for dynamic and inter-disciplinary research activities, and
  • disseminate research results and engage with decision-makers and society.

In hindsight, CIRCLEs development in 2020 exceeded my expectations, thanks to the constructive engagement of many CIRCLE members. In figures, CIRCLE has grown to over 60 affiliated and full members, and the number of publications in international scientific journals rose from 49 to 70, more than in the heydays before CIRCLE's reorganisation. Moreover, CIRCLE researchers are engaged in over 30 externally funded research projects. More visitors to the CIRCLE website, followers on Twitter, and tweet impressions provide evidence for successful communication of our research.

While important, such figures are not telling the most important story of CIRCLE in 2020. CIRCLE has become an open and inclusive organisation, welcoming researchers from different disciplines and backgrounds at Lund University and beyond. CIRCLE is not only an organisation; it has become a community of researchers interested in the causes, processes, consequences, and societal implications of innovation. CIRCLE promotes and stimulates knowledge exchange, constructive collegial critique, and collaboration. Only a shared responsibility from all CIRCLE members made this possible.

In order to create a lean and sustainable organisation supporting research collaboration from different disciplines and faculties, we made a number of changes to the organisational structure and routines. This includes revised by-laws, a revised description of functions and roles, and a number of routines to facilitate project management, accounting, recruiting project staff, and communication. The fruitful collaboration with and support of the newly appointed CIRCLE Board, and Faculty Leadership made this possible.

Despite challenging, I enjoyed my first year as CIRCLE Director, which I would like to attribute to the excellent cooperation with the members of CIRCLEs management team, the many CIRCLE members who took on responsibility in organising among others research talks, seminars and research themes, as well as the management, administrative and communication teams at Design Science making smooth operations possible.

For the future, it will be our task to keep this momentum in order to live up to our ambition of being a world-leading centre in innovation research.

Markus Grillitsch

Lund, August 2021

CIRCLE Annual Report 2020

The report is divided into four parts that can be accessed through the links below.

Letter from the director


Research Environment

Societal Impact and Communication


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