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CIRCLE seminar series

Keep up to date on current research by joining the CIRCLE seminar series. The talks are given by eminent, international researchers and cover a range of topics related to innovation research.

2021 seminar series

Autumn seminars:

  • October 6 – Aleh Cherp
  • November 3 – Andrés Rodríguez-Pose
  • November 17 – Karoline Rogge

Spring seminars:

  • March 24 – Lars Coenen
    Lars Coenen, Professor at the Mohn Centre for Innovation and Regional Development, Western Norway University of Applied Sciences 
    Title of seminar: Place-based experimentation in sustainability transitions: insights from urban and regional Australia
  • April 7 – Carlota Perez
    Carlota Perez, Honorary Professor, Institute for Innovation and Public Purpose (IIPP), UCL and at SPRU, University of Sussex, UK as well as Professor of Technology and Development, Nurkse Institute, Taltech, Estonia 
    Title of seminar: The role of lifestyle changes in shaping the direction of technology
  • May 12 – Florian Roth
    Florian Roth is a project manager at Fraunhofer ISI and he will share his insights on an ongoing research project: Strengthening systemic resilience - what can innovation research contribute? 
    Learn more about Florian Roth.

Who can participate?

Lund University staff and associates are welcome to join the virtual seminars. To receive the zoom-link for the upcoming seminar contact Lea Fünfschilling,

2020 seminar series

In 2020 the seminar series featured the following speakers:

  • September 16 – Maryann P. Feldmann, University of North Carolina
  • November 11 – Marko Hekkert, University of Utrecht
  • December 2 – Elisa Giuliani, University of Pisa