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PhD course in innovation

Course Content

The course provides an overview of innovation studies with a focus on two core areas in the field: the relationship between science and innovation and the role of the firm in technological change. It is divided into three modules:

  1. A theoretical overview of the concept of innovation
  2. Science and innovation
  3. Industrial dynamics and technology management

The first module provides the student with a conceptual map for thinking critically about theories of innovation, and outlines the central conceptual issues dealt with in innovation studies. The second module outlines and problematizes the relationship between science and innovation such that it has been discussed in the field, as systems of knowledge production and institutional forms. The third module focuses on the firm- and industry level of innovation, and addresses how industrial dynamics and organizational forms and processes relate to types of innovation. 

Eligibility and how to apply

Any PhD student from humanities, social or natural sciences interested in innovation studies is welcome to attend. Practitioners working with research and innovation management, research funding, etc. are particularly welcome to join the course.

Please send a mail to stating your reasons for applying and background on or before February 4, 2022. On acceptance to the course, the reading materials will be made available to you.

Course organization and format

The language of instruction will be English.

The course will be delivered in seminar/lecture format and will be comprised of three seminars, grouped together in three meetings, where each will encompass one full day.

The goal is to have the course on site with possibilities for digital participation for those who are unable to participate physically. Depending on the circumstances, the course may be completely digital.

Please note that seminar discussions are student led and there are hand ins that are due at least two days prior to each meeting. This includes the first meeting.

Course aim

The course will provide PhD-students with an overview of the key concepts and approaches in studying innovation management and policy. On completion of this course, students will be able to identify and define the key concepts in the field; identify and analyse key problems and critically engage with some of the most well established analytical frameworks in the field. Apart from this substantive knowledge, students will have acquired analytical skills that will allow them to formulate and evaluate problems in innovation management and policy.

Learning outcomes

Upon completion of this course of studies, the PhD student should be able to demonstrate the following.

Knowledge and understanding

Demonstrate knowledge and understanding regarding the history, key concepts and approaches/problems of Innovation Studies as a field of inquiry. 

Competence and skills

Demonstrate competence and skills in analyzing the significance of problems and assess/develop research approaches in Innovation Studies

Judgement and approach

Value the significance, and critically discuss central issues in Innovation Studies, and the way these are applied to empirical instances.


The course assessment is based on mandatory participation in all three days of the course as well as on an individual essay that the PhD student should write after the workshop. Students are encouraged to use the material to address an issue from their dissertation problem. Course assignment is due no later than June 17, 2022.

Course information

Course Title: Innovation studies

Credits: 7.5 ECTS

Course responsible: Merle Jacob

Important dates

Course duration: March to May 2022

Meeting dates: 09 March, 13 April, 25 May

Deadline for application: 04 February 2022