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CIRCLE is the Centre for Innovation Research at Lund University and functions as incubator, coordinator and implementer of innovation research across faculties. Members and affiliated members come from different faculties and universities.

CIRCLE Members 

Members are employed at one of the three following faculties at Lund University:

  • the Faculty of Engineering (LTH)
  • the School of Economics and Management (EHL)
  • the Faculty of Social Sciences (S-fak)

The links below will take you to individual profiles in the Lund University Research Portal (LUCRIS) or Lund University's staff pages. 

CIRCLE Affiliated Members

Universities from different parts of the world are represented among the affiliated members. 

The links below direct you to individual profiles in the Lund University Research Portal (LUCRIS) or Lund University's staff pages. 

  • Lina Ahlin, EHL – Lund University
  • Anders Anell, EHL – Lund University
  • Björn Asheim, Universitetet i Stavanger – Norway
  • Hanna Bach, S-fak – Lund University
  • Lars Bengtsson, LTH – Lund University
  • Christian Binz, Eawag: Swiss Federal Institute of Aquatic Science and Technology – Switzerland
  • Igor Bueno, Fluminense Federal University (UFF) – Brazil 
  • Mary Kathleen Burke, Stockholm School of Economics – Sweden
  • Jonas Bååth, S-fak – Lund University
  • Bo Carlsson, Case Western, Ohio – USA
  • Davide Castellani, Henley Business School – University of Reading – United Kingdom
  • Javier Cenamor, EHL – Lund University
  • Nick Clifton, Cardiff Metropolitan University – United Kingdom
  • James Cunningham, Newcastle Business School – United Kingdom
  • Mike Danilovic, Halmstad University – Sweden
  • Denilton Darold, Fraunhofer Institute for Systems and Innovation Research ISI – Germany
  • Lucinda David, S-fak – Lund University
  • Olof Ejermo, EHL – Lund University
  • Per Eriksson, LTH – Lund University
  • Stéphanie Francis Grimbert, University of Deusto – Spain
  • Huiwen Gong, Eawag: Swiss Federal Institute of Aquatic Science and Technology – Switzerland
  • Maribel Guerrero, Newcastle Business School, Northumbria University – United Kingdom and Facultad de Economía y Negocios, Universidad del Desarrollo -– Chile 
  • Teis Hansen, University of Copenhagen – Denmark
  • Andrew Johnston, International Centre for Transformational Entrepreneurship (ICTE), Coventry University – United Kingdom
  • Suyash Jolly, Nordland Research Institute – Norway
  • Marcus Knutagård, S-fak – Lund University 
  • Fabio Lamperti, Henley Business School, University of Reading – United Kingdom
  • Helen Lawton Smith, Birkbeck - University of London – United Kingdom
  • Rasmus Lema, Department of Business and Management, Aalborg University – Denmark
  • Karin Lindsjö, S-fak – Lund University
  • Karl-Johan Lundquist, S-fak – Lund University
  • Stine Madsen, S-fak – Lund University
  • Kaveh Majlesi, EHL – Lund University
  • Antonio Marañon, EHL – Lund University
  • Pedro Marques, INGENIO (CSIC-UPV), Polytechnic University of Valencia – Spain 
  • Christopher Mathieu, S-fak – Lund University 
  • Johan Miörner, Eawag: Swiss Federal Institute of Aquatic Science and Technology – Switzerland
  • Arthur Moreira, University of Sussex – United Kingdom
  • Barry Ness, Lund University Centre for Sustainability Studies – Sweden
  • Lars J Nilsson, LTH – Lund University
  • Jasna Pocek, EHL – Lund University
  • Eugenia Perez Vico, Halmstad University – Sweden
  • Stephan Schaefer, EHL – Lund University
  • Barbara Schulte, S-fak – Lund University
  • Sylvia Schwaag Serger, EHL – Lund University
  • Machteld Simoens, University of Freiburg – Germany
  • Wolfgang Sofka, Copenhagen Business School – Denmark
  • Sam Tavassoli, RMIT University – Australia
  • Emil Tomson Lindfors, HVL – Norway
  • Michaela Trippl, University of Vienna – Austria
  • Lena Trojer, Blekinge Tekniska Högskola – Sweden
  • Maria Tsouri, EHL – Lund University
  • Martin Wallin, Chalmers University of Technology – Sweden
  • Joakim Wernberg, Entreprenörskapsform – Sweden
  • Emily Wise, EHL – Lund University
  • Jon Mikel Zabala Iturriagagoitia, University of Deusto – Spain
  • Yannu Zheng, Zhejiang out – China and EHL – Lund University