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Academia for the benefit of society – 2021 CESAER conference


Photo: Portrait of a woman.

Helen Lawton Smith

Long-term CIRCLE member Professor Helen Lawton Smith addresses representatives from 53 technical universities in 26 countries in her keynote speech at the annual CESAER conference.

Speakers at the conference represent different fields, such as academia, public policy, industry, and student bodies to present a broad perspective on this year’s topic: "Academia for the benefit of society – to meet critical challenges”. Helen Lawton Smith’s keynote speech theme is “Triple Helix in the modern world” and will discuss how the understanding of the universities’ role has changed.

This year’s conference is hosted by LTH – the faculty of science at Lund University – and is organised by and for the CESAER Network – Conference of European Schools for Advanced Engineering Education and Research.


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