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CIRCLE at sustainable development conference


Lund University hosts a research conference on the theme “Knowledge for sustainable development”, and CIRCLE is one of the contributors.

The digital research conference on May 4, is one of the many events during the Lund University Sustainability Week. The conference focuses on knowledge about sustainability, the challenges that lie ahead, and what research can do to contribute to making a change.

CIRCLE takes part in the conference’s thematic parallel sessions and in the matchmaking event:

10.15-11.00 Theme I: Knowledge on crisis and resilience in the sustainability context

Jessica Lagerstedt Wadin – "Circular business models – are they attractive for households?"

11.15-12.00 Theme III: Knowledge about justice and equity in a sustainable world

Yahia Mahmoud, Linda Paxling, Lena Trojer – “Developing sustainable and responsible research and innovation”. 

13.00-14.00 Overarching theme: Knowledge for Sustainable Development

Rhiannon Pugh, Markus Grillitsch – “Sustainable and resilient economic development in peripheral regions: a theoretical framework”

14.10-15.00 Matchmaking pitch on theme I: Knowledge on crisis and resilience in the sustainability context 

Jessica Lagerstedt Wadin – Are we solving the right problem? – prototyping as a way for deeper understand of wicked problems – a call for cross-disciplinary collaboration

The Lund University Sustainability Week is an annual event co-organised by Lund University and the City of Lund. The aim of the Sustainability Week is to create a platform for bringing together ideas and cross-disciplinary collaborations, as well as to raise public awareness and inspire to sustainable change.