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Letter from the Director


CIRCLE director Markus Grillitsch

A good year for CIRCLE with hybrid meetings, increased membership and renewed trust and investment by Lund University. Looking ahead at another interesting year with focus on developing PHD and Master education and fresh interdisciplinary research collaborations. But first a much needed and well-deserved break.

At this time last year, I was hoping that 2021 would be more of a normal year – and indeed we enjoyed some relaxed months before restrictions tightened again. However, I also feel that we have learned better how to arrange work and life in a hybrid mode. And indeed, the number of “kanelbullar” (Swedish cinnamon buns) consumed at our weekly research talk-meetings has increased steadily this autumn!

Overall, it was also a good year for CIRCLE. We were able to welcome many new members being now a community of 90 researchers with a variety of backgrounds and expertise related to innovation research. Following a process of diligent internal and external evaluations about our reorganisation, we received the trust and commitment from the leadership of Lund University and the three faculties (LTH ­– Lund faculty of science, EHL – Lund school of economics and management, and Lund faculty of social sciences). We were also granted funding on a mid-term perspective, which will allow us to further build an excellent research environment.

This will entail taking the next step in CIRCLE’s organisational development, including realising the PhD School for Innovation Research and restarting the ESST Masters Programme. Initiatives that bridge teaching and research across the faculties and disciplines. Organisational development will also involve defining and providing opportunities for engagement, learning, and initiating new research collaborations. Moreover, we will also work on reinforcing and developing the CIRCLE spirit for research excellence: openness to new ideas, constructive critique, research integrity and diversity, as well as a collaborative and supportive attitude.  

With that in mind, I see that we have a lot of interesting work ahead of us when coming back from our holidays. For your holidays, I wish you a relaxing and joyful time with your family and friends, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Best wishes,

Markus Grillitsch