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Regional development requires involvement in the local community


Portrait of a man. Photo.

Markus Grillitsch, ReGROW project responsible.

– Interview in "Forskningsbrevet", a newsletter from Länsförsäkringars Forskningsfond

– It takes involvement from different actors to make a major structural regional change. Another important success factor on development is to keep the long-term perspective in mind, says Markus Grillitsch.

In the interview, Markus Grillitsch talks about the results of several years of research in the project Regional Growth Against All Odds (ReGROW). He hopes politicians learn from the report that it makes a difference whether you get involved in regional development or not. He also emphasizes the importance of a long-term approach.

– You cannot change regional structures in just a few years. Regional transformation requires long-term political perspectives of at least ten years, a process that requires a certain amount of perseverance, says Markus Grillitsch.

Read the article in “Forskningsbrevet” (in Swedish) where you also find links to more information.

Read a summary of the project report (in Swedish) Pdf, 607 kb


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