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Working Papers

Papers in Innovation Studies are an instrument for early dissemination of scientific contributions to Innovation Studies broadly defined. The working paper series welcomes both theoretical and empirical contributions,

Papers in Innovation Studies are an open-access outlet, which requires from authors to resume sole responsibility for the quality of their work. The working paper series are open to everybody who works on topics in Innovation Studies. The editor of CIRCLE reserves the right to turn down papers if they are not deemed suitable for the working paper series.

Papers in Innovation Studies are:

  • Available at IDEAS/REPEC;
  • Immediately browsed and listed by important search engines (like Google scholar);
  • Circulated through CIRCLE’s email list, blog and twitter.

Authors are required to contact the Editor when the working paper is accepted for publication by a peer-reviewed journal or book. The Editor will then change the front page and indicate that a revised version of the paper has been published.

Papers in Innovation Studies are hosted by CIRCLE and edited by Torben Schubert.

Papers in Innovation Studies can be found on RePEc here.

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