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Research output becomes policy analysis input

“When a door closes, somewhere a window opens” is the title of a report about the transformation process a region undertakes when a large company shuts down – a report about which steps a region can take to manage such a crisis, as well as input to national policy makers.

– Published 15 February 2023

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The project behind the report is run by The Swedish Agency for Growth Policy Analysis and provides policy recommendations about how regions can handle a crisis such as a big firm closure – what helps and what hinders the transformation process. National policy makers are also provided with recommendations to develop a system to learn from previous emergency situations and be ready to quickly support regions in case a crisis happens.

Markus Grillitsch, who is a senior lecturer at Lund University and CIRCLE director, was part of the reference group for the project behind the report. He says:

– I have participated in several workshops providing feedback on the suggested methodology, the research, analysis, and final report.

Outcomes from Markus Grillitsch’s earlier research project – Regional development against all odds – came to good use when providing input to the new report.

Read the report (in Swedish) to learn more about the transformation process.

Final report of the “Regional development against all odds” project. (Pdf 3.1 MB)

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    Markus Grillitsch

    Markus Grillitsch is a researcher in regional development and takes a special interest in transformation processes and how they affect and are affected by the context in which they take place.

    Markus Grillitsch’s profile in the Lund University research portal.

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