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1 December 2022

The Estonian delegation met with Lund University Dean Erik Renström and Mart Laatsit represented CIRCLE, Design sciences and the Faculty of Engineering (LTH).

30 November 2022

Why would a researcher working on how to reform Costa Rica come to Lund for a research visit? Daniel Avendaño Leadem shares how spending time at CIRCLE in Lund helps in his PhD work.

18 October 2022

Welcome to join the book release-seminar with editor Chris Mathieu and some of the book chapter authors. Job quality is a topic of broad interest and increasing importance in a world of changing job markets, new technologies and changed conditions due to the pandemic. The new handbook edited by Chris Mathieu of Lund University and colleagues Chris [...]

17 October 2022

Markus Grillitsch participated in the “Cambodia Outlook Conference 2022” with a blog post reflecting on recent policy developments in the European Union as well as the Nordic states of Europe. He argues that sustainable transformations call for wide-ranging changes in socio-economic systems, including a reorganization of value chains and [...]

14 October 2022

– Companies sometimes tend to devalue knowledge from other educational fields. For example, humanistic studies have been under attack a couple of times, writes Carita Eklund on the “Thesis Whisperer” blog. In her blog post Carita Eklund talks about young, fast-growing firms also known as “gazelles” and the importance of education diversity in the [...]

13 October 2022

What is it like to travel for work as a researcher? Interesting, educational, and great for making new friends. But how do you handle the culture shocks? Read about CIRCLE affiliate Carita Eklund’s experience in the USA and what she learns through her travels, in the blog post “Orientation Benefits to my American Identity” at the Fulbright Finland [...]

29 March 2022

As a consumer of craft beer you might think your favourite local craft beer is not only brewed with local ingredients, but that it is also produced sustainably. However, this is usually not the case. This is why the craft beer sector is now working collaboratively with researchers to create and implement their 2040 sustainability vision.

7 March 2022

– Interview in "Forskningsbrevet", a newsletter from Länsförsäkringars Forskningsfond

1 March 2022

– If you want to facilitate innovation, one difficulty is that innovation policy is not considered a separate policy area, independent of, for example, research policy, writes Charles Edquist, researcher at CIRCLE, in "Dagens Arena".

14 January 2022

Lea Fünfschilling, Associate Senior Lecturer in Innovation Studies at Lund University, has received an ERC Starting Grant for the project ENDINGS – Towards a theory of endings in innovation studies.