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1 June 2023

Are you interested in transformative innovation and would like to join a team of researchers working in an interdisciplinary milieu? Then this PhD-position might interest you.

31 May 2023

The oil industry is moving towards the chemical and plastics industry. Fredric Bauer explains in an article on what this means for the climate.

15 May 2023

An opportunity for a researcher in social sciences with experience of collaborating with external actors and with good knowledge of the conditions, problems and opportunities of welfare organisations.

12 May 2023

It is easy to feel a bit lost in the beginning of the career – your path is uncertain and your network might not be as extensive as you would like it to be. The goal of CIRCLE’s Early Career Innovation Research Day is therefore to create an informal space for networking and inspiration.

18 April 2023

At the initiative of Tetra Pak and Lund University, around one hundred companies have come together to set out a path towards a sustainable society. CIRCLE was well represented at the conference and held many interesting talks. The stakeholders met to discuss solutions that can make it possible for industry to transition to sustainable practices. [...]

13 April 2023

The ongoing densification of cities makes them more vulnerable to extreme weather. That means large investments in the electricity network will be necessary to handle the effects of extremely high or low temperatures. Vahid Nik, CIRCLE member and professor of Building Physics, is one of the authors of the recently published paper in the journal [...]

13 April 2023

CIRCLE is looking for three post-docs that would like to contribute to its research environment in full-time employments of three years. The positions are focused on research, and some teaching can be required.

30 March 2023

CIRCLE invites early career researchers, that view their work as related to innovation research, to join us in Lund for a research day on May 2nd.

29 March 2023

A PhD-course that goes beyond the general rhetoric of innovation to investigate what innovation is beyond the technical advancements and how innovation impacts society – and vice versa.

16 February 2023

Over the past decade, interest in innovation in the public sector has increased dramatically. With new major societal challenges and limited resources, innovation becomes an important key for the way forward. A research hub is now set up at Campus Helsingborg bringing together cutting-edge expertise in the field.