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CIRCLE at Lund University, will host the EU-SPRI winter school on geography of innovation in Lund Sweden on February 7–11, 2022. Application is open until November 15, to PhD students and early career post-docs.[more]


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Long-term CIRCLE member Professor Helen Lawton Smith addresses representatives from 53 technical universities in 26 countries in her keynote speech at the annual CESAER conference. Speakers at the conference represent...[more]


CIRCLE is a well-managed research centre and a growing and productive research environment with ambitions for the future. [more]


Lund University hosts a research conference on the theme “Knowledge for sustainable development”, and CIRCLE is one of the contributors.[more]


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Small companies are in a vulnerable position where entrepreneurial ecosystems can contribute with expertise and important contacts.[more]


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A welcomed grant from the Kamprad family foundation of entrepreneurship, research and charity of 5 million Swedish crowns makes it possible to start up the Swedish section of the new Nordic research school.[more]


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January 2021 marked the beginning of the Nordic Research School in Innovation and Entrepreneurship (NORSI) – the research school for PhD students in the field of innovation and entrepreneurship in the Nordic countries. CIRCLE is...[more]


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Have you ever wished you could sit down for a cup of coffee with a researcher to learn about what they do? Well, you have the chance to do just that on the award-winning online platform “Coffee Break with Researchers”. [more]


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– It is striking that politicians do not make greater use of functional procurement as a means of achieving long-term goals in the areas of environment, climate and health. It can be a decisive force in the societal change,...[more]


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A Research Initiative at Lund University[more]


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CIRCLE has a strong focus on creating an open and supportive research environment as a basis for generating research output that has an impact on society. It is therefore uplifting to see distinguished new members and affiliates...[more]


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The whole globe must be part of the change when we work towards the global sustainability goals. But successful innovations in the Global North do not automatically become successful also in the Global South. CIRCLE is therefore...[more]


An interview with Torben Schubert, Deputy Department head at Fraunhofer ISI and Associate Professor at CIRCLE, Lund University.[more]


Despite the challenges of reorganisation CIRCLE has landed on its feet and 2019 was a year of growing; in number of members as well as in productivity, say directors Åsa Lindholm Dahlstrand and Markus Grillitsch.  CIRCLE...[more]