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New CIRCLE Project Explores Circular Value and Supply Chains

This spring saw the launch of an exciting new research project entitled "Circular Value and Supply Chains, Regional Development, and Multi-Level Policy Dynamics."

– Published 11 June 2024

Man presenting to audience in front of projected screen
Jonathan Friedrich, postdoctoral fellow, presenting the project on Innnovation Research Day.

Led by Markus Grillitsch from the Faculty of Social Sciences, Fredrik Nilsson from the School of Engineering, and Sylvia Schwaag Serger from the School of Economics, this collaborative endeavor spans three faculties at Lund University. 

Funded by Lund University’s Excellence Programme for Sustainable Development, the project seeks to explore the transformative shifts required for circular supply chains. It will address the conflicts between traditional linear business models and emerging circular approaches, the interaction between global corporations and local stakeholders, and the balance between deregulation and governance that prioritizes environmental and social aspects. 

“Recently, transnational companies have shown a growing interest in implementing circular economy practices. We see it as a great opportunity to speed up the transition of their global value chains towards environmental and social sustainability," explained Vitor Souza, a postdoctoral fellow within the program. "We aim to understand the mechanisms triggering such decisions from an interdisciplinary perspective, with a team of scholars from economic geography, operations management, and policy. Our ambition is to advance knowledge for both science and practice."

We look forward to following the progress of this research initiative and sharing key insights and findings.