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Working Papers

Working papers in innovation studies are an open instrument for early dissemination of scientific contributions to innovation studies broadly defined. The working paper series welcomes both theoretical and empirical contributions from all researchers working in the field. 

Why publish in the series?

There are several advantages for an author to publish a working paper:

  • The paper becomes available at S-WoPec
  • The paper can be browsed immediately and is listed by Google scholar
  • The publication process is fast – usually less than two weeks
  • The paper is communicated through CIRCLE:s twitter account
  • No transfer of copyrights is needed
  • No "lost" citations – published working papers later accepted by a journal may, on author request, get an updated title page to reference the journal publication

How to submit a paper?

Submit the paper in docx-format and make sure to include the following information: 

  • Full details from all authors, i.e. name, affiliation, postal address, email-address
  • At least two JEL-codes at two-digit level (e.g. O32)
  • Two to six key words describing the content of the paper

The working paper series in innovation studies are an open-access outlet, which requires the author to resume sole responsibility for the quality of their work. The editor of the CIRCLE working paper series reserves the right to turn down papers if they are not deemed suitable.

What about copyrights?

By publishing their paper in the series, the authors do not transfer any rights of the published material to CIRCLE, S-WoPec or any other automatic archiving system. The full-texts are only hosted on servers run by Lund University and can be withdrawn from there upon author request at any time. The authors must make sure that they have the necessary rights to publish the papers in the series, i.e. that they are the owner of the copyrights or have obtained the permission to publish the material from the copyright owners (particularly in the case of pre-prints or post-prints of journal articles). Neither CIRCLE nor the editor of the series check for or resume any responsibility for breaches of copyrights of third parties. 

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Interested in submitting your own research? Write an email to the editor Torben Schubert

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