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CIRCLE and Region Skåne Forge Strategic Partnership

In March 2024, CIRCLE and Region Skåne signed a collaboration agreement to advance knowledge and expertise in innovation, regional development, and sustainability.

– Published 24 June 2024

A trio of presenters talking to a sitting audience
CIRCLE members presenting their research at Region Skåne.

This formalised strategic partnership, rooted in over a decade of ad-hoc collaborations, promises to boost competence development, amplify research relevance, and elevate both parties' contributions to regional development efforts.

Underpinning this collaboration are two primary areas of activity:

1. Measuring, Monitoring, and Analysing Economic Development.

2. Learning, Knowledge Sharing, and Joint Ventures.

Designated coordinators Pauline Mattsson from CIRCLE and Marie-Louise Lövgren from Region Skåne spearhead the planning and organisation of diverse initiatives in these areas, ensuring the realisation of the partnership's ambitious objectives. CIRCLE's director, Markus Grillitsch, and deputy director, Magnus Nilsson, provide strategic guidance.

Since the agreement was signed, many impactful activities have taken place. From Region Skåne's visit to CIRCLE, where collaborative opportunities were explored, to the Knowledge Exchange Forum that provided a platform for CIRCLE researchers to showcase their studies at Region Skåne, the collaboration is off to an encouraging start. Notably, ongoing discussions between CIRCLE researchers and Region Skåne are focused on project applications to Vinnova, indicating strong momentum for future joint ventures.

Looking ahead, an array of engaging events and activities is on the horizon, promising to energise the collaboration further. This fall, the agenda includes an interpretation seminar of the national project METRIC aiming to measure the innovation capacity of regions, a workshop on formulating and designing Region Skåne's new business development strategy, and a stimulating Knowledge Exchange Forum set to harness the power of collective knowledge and learning.

We look forward to sharing more updates as this exciting journey unfolds. Stay tuned for more information on our joint initiatives and outcomes.