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New research project from the Hamrin Foundation

In a new project entitled “Towards economic transformation and resilience in the face of global pressures: Lessons from Hidden Champions in Swedish regions” funded by the Hamrin Foundation, Magnus Nilsson and Markus Grillitsch will investigate the conditions for the future competitiveness of the Swedish manufacturing sector.

– Published 1 March 2024

Magnus Nilsson and Markus Grillitsch. Photo.
Magnus Nilsson and Markus Grillitsch.

The project will focus on so-called Hidden Champions, which are medium-sized firms, often family-owned, who belong to the world leaders in their niche.

– The track-record of Hidden Champions is a testament of their historical ability to adapt and transform and thereby deal with external chocks and transformation pressures. This makes them particularly interesting as best-practice examples to learn from in the current geo-political and economic climate, says Magnus Nilsson.

The project will run over three years, starting during the spring of 2024. For information about the project contact or