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Innovation Research Day - A Meeting of Minds and Missions

On April 17, CIRCLE held its first Innovation Research Day in collaboration with the Sten K. Johnson Centre for Entrepreneurship and Urban Arena.

– Published 25 April 2024

Researchers engaging in dialogue during the round table session. Photo.
Researchers engaging in dialogue during the round table session.

The event brought together researchers from diverse disciplinary backgrounds to discuss new innovation research initiatives and explore avenues for partnerships that transcend traditional academic boundaries.

“We hope you get inspired and find potential collaborators for the future,” said CIRCLE’s director, Markus Grillitsch, as he welcomed attendees. He kicked off the event alongside Diamanto Politis, director of the Sten K. Johnson Centre, and Andrew Karvonen, coordinator of Urban Arena. Their joint introduction set a collaborative tone, emphasizing the importance of cross-disciplinary efforts in addressing today’s complex challenges. 

Researchers then took to the floor to share the innovation questions they are currently contemplating and engaging with. These presentations shed light on various aspects and contexts of innovation, sparking lively conversations about how the different perspectives could be integrated to pave the way toward sustainable futures.

Topics included: revisiting entrepreneurial ownership and education, restructuring the economy through complementary currencies and value chain transformations, and the role of learning, risk-taking, and cross-sectoral collaborations in facilitating urban innovations and sustainability transitions.

The day ended on a reflective and forward-looking note. Gathered around networking round tables, researchers discussed their interests and areas of complementarity, planting the seeds for future collaborations.