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Innovation Partnerships for sustainable transformation

– Published 17 October 2022

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Markus Grillitsch, Senior Lecturer at the Department of Human Geography, Lund University

Markus Grillitsch participated in the “Cambodia Outlook Conference 2022” with a blog post reflecting on recent policy developments in the European Union as well as the Nordic states of Europe.

He argues that sustainable transformations call for wide-ranging changes in socio-economic systems, including a reorganization of value chains and regulations penalizing low social and environmental standards. In the blog post Markus Grillitsch also discusses how public-private innovation partnerships can be mobilized to frame and tackle societal challenges locally, and how such partnerships are relevant and can be formed in Cambodia.

Read the blog post – Public Private Innovation Partnerships for Sustainable Transformations – at the Cambodia Outlook Conference website.


More information

This blog post relates to a recent working paper, by Markus Grillitsch and Bjørn Asheim, about regenerative regional development in responsible value chains.


Markus Grillitsch