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Ecosystems improve companies' conditions


Photo of a young woman holding her dissertation.

CIRCLE member Janna Alvedalen recently defended her dissertation at Innovation Technology – Design Sciences, LTH.

Small companies are in a vulnerable position where entrepreneurial ecosystems can contribute with expertise and important contacts.

“Entrepreneurial ecosystems” is the subject of CIRCLE member Janna Alvedalen’s dissertation which she recently defended at Innovation Technology – Design Sciences, LTH. In light of her research, Janna Alvedalen was interviewed by the “Entrepreneurship and Small Business Research Institute”.

– New innovative companies are expected to contribute to development and growth in different regions. But companies are fragile and have scarce resources. Only a small proportion of companies survive, and even fewer grow. Entrepreneurial ecosystems can therefore play an important role in supporting companies, says Janna Alvedalen in the interview.

Read the article (in Swedish) "Smart kapital bäst för life science-företag" by Helene Thorgrimsson published on, March 26, 2021. 

Read the dissertation in Lund University's research portal.

If you are interested in more information about the research, contact Janna Alvedalen