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Public Sector Innovation

Over the past decade, interest in public sector innovation has increased. With new major societal challenges and limited resources, innovation becomes an important key moving forward.

The public sector includes health care, care of elderly and children, education, judicial system, national defense, public transport and infrastructure – areas that face complex challenges. As demands from citizens increase and resources decrease, innovation is usually highlighted as a strategy to find the solutions required.

Within the framework of the research theme, a research hub – the Centre for Public Sector Innovation – is set up at Campus Helsingborg to bring together cutting-edge expertise in the field. The goal is to create a unique "hub" for researchers who will work with research, commissioned education and collaborations focusing on innovation in the public sector.

Research in focus

Urban Social Innovation: A Framework for Welfare in Transition

Read about the project "Urban social innovation" in the Lund University research portal.

RECO: Resilient Communities by Sustainable Welfare Transformation

This project is related to Housing first – a program to combat homelessness. The government launched a national homelessness strategy where one of the goals is for Housing First to be introduced nationally. The strategy runs until 2026 with annual funds to introduce Housing First. The cooperating municipalities are Helsingborg, Stockholm and Norrköping.
The program is an example of innovation in the public sector.

Read about the RECO project (in Swedish) in the Lund University research portal.

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Theme coordinators

Marcus Knutagård

Katja Lindqvist