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8 November 2023

Climate change is threatening beer production as hops’ growth pattern and organic compound changes due to new climatic conditions. Researchers are seeing a clear reduction in hop yields as well as in the alpha acid content in the hops, which gives the beer its special bitterness. Barry Ness is working on approaches to adapt to these changing [...]

1 November 2023

A conference will be held on “Public Procurement and Innovation in Africa”. The organisers are aiming at strengthening the link between public procurement and innovation in South Africa and other African countries. Different perspectives will be given on the linkage between public procurement and innovation as well as public procurement as an [...]

27 October 2023

Welcome to the CIRCLE policy brief series launch.

25 October 2023

Annika Ralfs and Cecilia Garcia Chavez are PhD-students and, as of this year, new student representatives in the CIRCLE board. Let's hear from them!

12 October 2023

Many ideas were thrown up in the air at the innovation policy workshop organised by CIRCLE – Centre for innovation research. The open atmosphere in the room enabled thinking in a "blue sky" manner about the future of innovation research and sharing of ideas just to see what might emerge.

21 September 2023

Curiosity and the wish for change at a professional level led Linda Stihl to PhD-studies and a possibility to delve deeper into one of her fields of interest – inequality in societal development.

11 September 2023

Last week CIRCLE welcomed two PhD-students visiting from Germany. Andrea Käsbohrer from the Catholic University of Eichstätt-Ingolstadt and Max Roessler from the University of Greifswald. Max Roessler is an economic geographer who met with Johan Miörner, Markus Grillitsch and Lea Fünfschilling who gave talks at a PhD-course in Bern, Switzerland, [...]

16 August 2023

Lea Fünfschilling has received a fellowship from the French Institutes of Advanced Studies which provides an opportunity for creative exchanges between scholars.

13 July 2023

New CIRCLE policy brief on how policy can make a change for people, regions and the environment.

29 June 2023

New policy brief on the importance of Open Source Software.